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Three simple steps

How does it work?

Select and order
Choose the DNA test that suits your needs and order a collection kit.
Taking the sample
Swab the oral mucosa according to the instructions using our collection kit.
Delivery and result
Send us the sample and wait for the result.

Comparison of paternity tests

Move the table right and left with your finger

the cheapest in Slovakiaour recommended test
the most sensitive and accurate in Slovakia
forensic paternity test
Purpose of the testprivate
legal, official
Identity of the originators of the samplesanonymousanonymousanonymousverified by an expert at the time of sampling
Suitable forbasic information regarding of disputed paternitymore detailed evaluation of the test and possible verification of the results of previous testsreliable differentiation of disputed paternity of closely related men (brothers, cousins, father-son, etc.)modification of parental rights and obligations
Final reportsimple
expert opinion
Systems investigatedbasic set (16)
basic set (16)
extended set (22)other
Delivery of resultse-mail
by e-mail and post
by e-mail and post
post / in person
Duration of the test
within 5 working days
within 5 working days
within 5 working days
within 20 working days
Price129 €159 €199 €495 €

What do we offer?

DNA tests

paternity tests

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About us


The GHC GENETICS SK laboratory was established in early 2005 as a workplace focused on DNA analysis and performing tests based on human DNA analysis. The department has a team of experts with many years of experience and uses modern methods of DNA analysis. The laboratory is located in the University Science Park of Comenius University and is involved in scientific research projects.

We have been performing DNA tests for paternity and other relationships since 2005, when we were the first laboratory in Slovakia to perform paternity tests for private individuals. To date, we have over 6.5 thousand of them to our credit. In addition, we have performed over 1000 forensic paternity tests.

More info about us can be found on the laboratory's website: www.ghcgenetics.sk

Leave it to the experts!

– years of experience in DNA testing
– own certified and accredited laboratory
– easy ordering
– fast delivery of the collection kit
– results in 2 working days